With the commencement of 2020, it may be a great idea to establish some game-changing ideas.  If you’re company has had a break, clarity can step in and you may want to change direction of your goals, ideas and outcomes.

It doesn’t take a lot of time and it’s a fantastic way of team building to start the year off.  Instead of just incremental changes or strategic shifts you can also add in 6 month and long-term goals.

Instead of starting the year off the same way you ended it, create a future that is radically different than what exists to your current day-to-day reality.

With technology changing at a rapid pace, business insights growing and varying, don’t get blindsided by disruptive competition or someone else launching their new ideas before you do.  Don’t wait till competition effects your business – it’s too late then.  Be ahead of the game and get your team behind you and buying in to the new ideas and direction.

There are many examples in the marketplace of business doing catchup as opposed to trend setting.  A perfect example is what happened with Amazon and then all bricks and mortar businesses were scrambling to compete and to catch up.

Business as usual can only be usual for so long.

One of the reasons businesses struggle to adjust is that they lack the practice of thinking disruptively themselves.

Schedule time for your team to daydream:  What if? Why? Could we?  Maybe a company vision board session.  Break down where you need for growth are and then let your team or teams loose as to the best way to accomplish some innovative outcomes for growth and sustainability.   What is the future in 6 months, 12 months and five years?

This type of thinking has many benefits.  It allows an intangible ownership by staff where they feel their efforts and thoughts are appreciated and considered, a buy in of sorts. It allows you to develop strategies that may happen ahead, so you are able to respond quickly and efficiently. It gives your business vision, problem solving and enhanced development skills throughout the workforce, including yourself as the owner.

You can create this at a certain point throughout the year, say every 6 months to assess decisions, direction and determine what needs to be enhanced or changed.

Having a creative session will enhance your organization’s ability to solve day to day problems, envision a brighter future, play a more sustainable game, and more quickly react to disruptive competitors.


In fact, it may even make you the disruptive competitor where others are now following and not leading.