We are an innovative

Business &
Advocacy Enterprise

that cares about the business collective of  entrepreneurs, business owners and visionaries that live and work in the community of South Sydney.

What we do

We’re not simply a Business Chamber.  We are advocates and innovators for, and proactive supporters of, the entrepreneurial spirit.

We help to find solutions to business related issues or problems that occur during the everyday operation or growth of a business.

As business owners ourselves, the Executive Board draws on its own experiences to develop opportunities for partnerships embedded with strong reciprocity.

We design and implement education programs & workshops to aid in the constant learning process and provide relevant informative administrative and regulatory tools to maintain high efficacy for business.


Business owners need to have time to assess what technology, social media and software fits within their strategies for growth.  What appropriate marketing and digital strategies work to capture and keep their customers.

As business advocates our great listening skills help guide you to the right solution or advise on the best perspective and choices.



As part of your membership, we provide regular complimentary business sessions with a professional business advisor and change-maker to help answer any questions you may have.


With years of experience in mentoring, we’re great listeners and can support you with problem solving, clarifying your objectives or finding new avenues to expand your business.



Each year we set up networking events but it’s the one-to-one referrals that happen throughout the year that make our networking a strong attribute.

Business Strategy

Sometimes you need a fresh approach; a new perspective or simple clarity as to your what strategy will work for you.  Get in touch for an in-depth discussion.

Web Design

Small business suffers by not being online.  Social media is not always the answer.  We can provide some great templates for you to get online quickly and efficiently without great expense.

Education & Training

Each year we implement educational and informative workshops to help you expand, develop and grow your business.  To find out more click on the icon above.

New Ideas. Solutions Driven. Creative. Develop Strong Partnerships.

Why we’re different

We care about the economic viability of our region.  We do more than network, we build, create, support, mentor and create partnerships.

Behind the name stands strong collective business acumen of over 50 years. Whether in manufacturing, consulting, marketing strategy, business management, facilitation, event planning, corporate governance or general change making, we have consolidated years of business experience into one organisation.

We listen and respond and lead by service.

Our Collective Community

To be authentic to our members and partners is important. Our skills are accumulative and comprise the collective community of our Executive Board and our amazing members. We’re not just an online organisation and maintain high level of traditional communication, where and when needed.

We get to know our members in depth and the services and products they have to offer.  This way we can create partnerships proficiently to help our members grow their businesses.

There are so many aspects of business  it can be overwhelming for a business owner to staying on top of each department.  We understand every step that creates a strong foundation to a business and what it takes to move it forward.

From the inception of an idea, to protecting and enabling proficient areas of business such as the Intellectual Property, marketing and branding strategies, digital and social media planning,  operations, financial literacy, governance, manufacturing, product development, event planning, intern programs it’s important to understand the linkage and efficiencies to grow a successful enterprise.

The SSBC can provide solid guidance to obtain the right advice or service. 

Contact us and find out how we can assist.

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