What We Focus On Is Where We End Up

Unfortunately to say this but fear is part of being human, it’s a necessary function that keeps us safe, challenges our thought process and makes us stronger. It comes in different ways and on different levels, depending on whether it’s a challenge or a process. It’s important to have perspective, to assess the level of fear for the situation you are in. In certain situations, business or personal, we need to make quick choices but it remains important to focus on solutions and not just the obstacles. This is where fear can become greatest. If you change focus and seek a solution, the fear diffuses as you visualise your outcome or resolution to the problem. Focusing on the problem is like viewing from a lens of amplified fear. Focusing on the solution you let go of the fear and the control and see the resolution more clearly.

Young Australians would rather be dentists than entrepreneurs: Does the business world need to do better PR? Young Australians have their sights set on “fantasy” jobs like becoming Youtube stars or elite sportspeople instead of starting their own projects, according to a recent study of school students, prompting entrepreneurs to call for better public relations campaigns from those in the technology and business sectors. Government body the Australian Institute of Family Studies released its study of the career aspirations of 3378 young Australians aged between 14 and 15 this week, having asked this group whether they knew which career they wanted to be in, and what their current dream jobs were. The results indicate young Aussies are keen on professional jobs in the health sector, with ‘Doctor’ or ‘Dentist’ ranking as one of the most common responses, with 5.3% of young people surveyed wanting to enter healthcare professions.

The Building Blocks Of Good Health

Spring is here! The weather is warming up, the flowers and trees are starting to bloom. It’s usually time for spring rain, magpie dives, pollen in the air and bouts of Hayfever. Now that the winter flu is over, the spring flu has arrived along with allergies and Hayfever. Is running to the doctors or pharmacy the only answer? Taking antibiotics? What other options are open to us?

How do you get the sales team and marketing team to work together? There’s a lot of talk about the increasing need to align sales and marketing functions within organizations. Customers are expecting a seamless experience. And it’s getting more difficult to split the different parts of the customer life cycle between the sales team over there, and the marketing team over here. Instead of keeping the two separate and distinct, it’s clear that the new buyer’s journey requires them to become closer. And at the same time, both marketing and sales professionals are being expected to expand their role. Juggling all of this can be challenging.

It’s Your Move To Get Healthy

Amy and David Jones are an impressive couple. Amy is an Olympian, a member of the Australian water polo team won Bronze in Beijing. Now a qualified Occupational Therapist she works alongside her enthusiastic husband David a physiotherapist. The love of sports and science is evident and both David and Amy describe themselves as science geeks. David has a strong interest in the human body while Amy specialises on the importance of helping someone achieve basic movement that allows for independence after injury. The Jones’ love of a healthy lifestyle is why they opened “Move” a physio and Pilates centre in the heart of Alexandria. The community atmostphere in Alexandria has been a great drawcard for the couple and the warm welcome from other local businesses has meant they have established a strong support network for all their business needs.

Green Square Library and Plaza

The City is building an innovative underground library that’s also a public plaza. This will be a place where you can connect, learn, relax and play. Entering the library through a green walled open-air amphitheatre, you’ll discover an underground living room filled with sunlight and fresh air. At its centre a dynamic sunken garden offers a colourful place for children to play.