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Researchers looking at the effect of smartphones on face-to-face social interactions found that people who used their devices while out for dinner with friends and family enjoyed themselves less than those who did not.

For small and medium businesses, online communication and collaboration tools are a game-changer, saving time and breaking down barriers. From email to instant messaging, video conferencing, and interactive whiteboards, communicating has never been easier.

Grants and sponsorships

If you have a great idea that would benefit the local community but just need a kick-start to get it off the ground, the City of Sydney’s grants and sponsorships program may be able to help.

Local area profiles for business

As part of our economic development strategy, we are helping to nurture economic growth across the City of Sydney's local area. We have identified 10 villages based around key community main streets and centres of business activity with each one having a distinct character and economic makeup