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The next time you’re sitting on the tarmac, about to jet off on that next business trip or well-deserved break, make the most of those rare few minutes without emails, phone calls or colleagues interrupting you. Take a step back from the day-to-day running of your business and do a pre-flight check on the overall shape of your organisation. You might consider: What are your greatest challenges? Are these in fact opportunities? What other opportunities do you have? Do you have the right people in place to capitalise on these? Do you have the operational cashflow for the next month, three months, or six months that it may take to address these challenges?

Businesses these days can be forgiven for asking themselves whether an app or a responsive website is the best choice for their organisation — and for good reason. Old-school marketers will tell you that your business must have a website, and any remaining budget you have should be spent on supporting that site. So where in this equation does an app fit in, especially if you’re an SME? After all, high quality apps don’t come cheap. Mobile access to the web continues to grow, so as a modern-day business, where should you be putting your hard earned dollars? Website, app or both?

When does a startup become a grownup?

I love business, innovation and investment and I especially love startups where all these variables meet. I love them for their imperfection, their agility, energy and excitement and particularly their courage to achieve against the odds. A startup can be infectious, attracting raw talent and ideation which established and large enterprise can only dream of. However, I frequently get told that startups are not real businesses – just pipe dreams. I firmly believe that this perception amid naysayers is not directed at the business idea, but more at the immaturity of founders to recognise the needs of the people that will ultimately help make them a success – the investors.

6 Ways to grow your Database this Season

Email has long been the go-to channel for savvy marketers, no matter the time of year. And the proof’s in the brandy-doused, custard-covered pudding: respondents in Digital Doughnut’s global 2017 Email Benchmarking Study, commissioned by dotmailer, reported an ROI of £39/$39 for every £1/$1 spent. So, not only is it unbelievably cost effective, email also delivers the goods – just like our favorite dressed-in-red gift bearer.