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Hitting back at Domestic Violence

Hitting back at Domestic Violence An employee is visited at work by their partner and is threatened with violence. What should you do as a manager? Domestic violence has been in the headlines again this month, following the Fair Work Commission’s recent decision to reject the ACTU’s claim for 10 days’ paid family and domestic violence leave entitlements to be introduced into all modern awards.

How to have ‘the talk’

How to have ‘the talk’ Your mouth is dry. Nerves are on edge. Discussing poor performance with an employee is tough, unless you follow a clear plan and act early. With the increase in the unfair dismissal high income threshold to $142,000 effective from 1 July meaning a greater number of employees now have access to the unfair dismissal regime it’s more important than ever to ensure you don’t find yourself in front of the Fair Work Commission.

Cutting through China’s Red Tape

Cutting through China’s Red Tape You’ve thought about your product, looked into marketing and identified some likely distribution channels. Don’t be put off by what you've heard about China's red tape. Many Australian businesses find themselves bogged down in red tape when exporting to China, hampered by the complex and often changing regulatory environment.

Understanding Customers: Be Lean, not Mean

Understanding Customers: Be Lean, not Mean It's the 'holy grail': delivering what your customer really wants at the lowest possible cost. The answer is 'smart lean'. Delivering what your customer really wants, and doing it economically, will generate reliable profits.

Defusing the Drama Queen

Some people are just emotional. When faced with mood swings and constant personal ‘dramas’, can you tell an employee to ‘get a grip’? You don’t need a background in psychoanalysis to know that employees dealing with emotions such as anger or anxiety can be a destructive force in the workplace – like a storm raging over those around them, they don’t have much, or any, consideration of the impact they are having.

The NSW Business Chambers recently released the results of our June 2017 edition of the quarterly Business Conditions Survey. The Business Conditions Survey is a powerful advocacy tool that the Chamber uses as it fights for a better deal for business. Please click to view the June 2017 Survey Report, collated from the feedback of over 1,000 member businesses.