Tools to help perfect your marketing email

However, such things do not come naturally to everyone. For this reason, many businesses engage professional writers to help them. But you can do your own email marketing even if you are not a writer. There are a lot of free resources online that can help you develop your own skills – all you need is patience and to practice what you learn!

Let’s look at some of the tools that can help you write better marketing emails:

1. Email marketing services

Most businesses without inhouse technical experts will use an email marketing service that automates the process of customers signing up to your email list and the sending of the emails you create to them. There are many such services to choose from and the right option for you will depend on your budget and also the size and scale of your business and email marketing needs. Some services are a paid subscription that allow for you to send an unlimited number of emails to an unlimited number of people. However, for smaller businesses or new startups there are also free solutions like MailChimp.

Before you sign up for a service you can check out a number of providers’ features and pricing pages and find the one that is the best match for you. Here is quick summary of some of the main providers:

MailChimp is probably the most popular and best known email marketing tool online. It has been around for a long time and is popular with small businesses, non-profit organisations, and sports groups thanks to its basic options being free. It’s a great place to start.

Also check out paid services like Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor, AWeber, SendLoop and Benchmark Email. These are mid-range tools that offer more capacity than MailChimp but are still relatively affordable.

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