NSWBC April Work in Progress (WIP) 

Below are some information listed about the latest WIP for the month April:

Small Business Regulation reform:

NSWBC participated in research conducted by the Department of Finance, Service and Innovation on impediments to starting a business in NSW. This provided an opportunity to reinforce policy positions set out in NSWBC’s submission to the regulatory framework review (which advocated for independent oversight to ensure new regulation is necessary and designed according to best practice). The meeting also provided an opportunity to provide feedback on the Government’s easy to do business initiative (a pilot to make it easier to setup a restaurant or café in Parramatta) and the benefits of expanding this approach to cover other industries and geographic areas. 

Transport Meeting with Transport for NSW:

NSWBC met with Nick Berry, Transport for NSW to discuss the new Transport masterplan. Nick advised that the new plan will look towards the states transport needs over a 40 year horizon and have a far greater focus on regional needs and the freight task. Consultation will be commencing in May /June and the Chamber will look to facilitate member engagement during the consultation process. 

Western Sydney Airport - Opportunities to grow employment:

Together with Sydney Business Chamber Western Sydney, NSWBC met with Prof. Martin Loosemore from UNSW to discuss how the proposed development of the Western Sydney Airport might be leveraged to maximise training, employment and business opportunities. Martin spoke to his knowledge of global projects where different procurement models had been used and how the experience from those projects might be leveraged to ensure that the development of the airport maximises employment and training pathways for people who otherwise would be unemployed. NSWBC will continue to discuss these issues as planning and development of the airport progresses.

For information about further policy work in progress visit the NSW Business Chamber website.