Cutting through China’s Red Tape

Cutting through China’s Red Tape

You’ve thought about your product, looked into marketing and identified some likely distribution channels. Don’t be put off by what you've heard about China's red tape.

Many Australian businesses find themselves bogged down in red tape when exporting to China, hampered by the complex and often changing regulatory environment.

Working out what you need to do to cut through the red tape so you can get on so you can get on with the job of making sales comes down to “thinking structurally ahead, talking to the right agent, and preparing documents properly,” according to Mike Liu, China Trade Advisor for NSW Business Chamber.

To help you make light work of the red tape around getting your products into the country, Liu suggests working through the following checklist: 

1. Is your product allowed to be exported into China?
2. What are the Chinese regulations relating to your product?
3. What are the detailed requirements for exporting your product to China, including customs clearing documents, product filing or registration with Chinese government?
4. How do you fill in those documents to ensure you meet the Chinese government/customs’ criteria?

“If you know the answers to these questions available, correctly preparing the documentation you need is much easier,” he says.

Enlisting the help of the Chamber's International Trade team, who can assist with the export documentation required, can also cut out the uncertainty of not knowing whether paperwork is correct.