6 Ways to grow your Database this Season

Email has long been the go-to channel for savvy marketers, no matter the time of year. And the proof’s in the brandy-doused, custard-covered pudding: respondents in Digital Doughnut’s global 2017 Email Benchmarking Study, commissioned by dotmailer, reported an ROI of £39/$39 for every £1/$1 spent. So, not only is it unbelievably cost effective, email also delivers the goods – just like our favorite dressed-in-red gift bearer.

6 ways to amass more contacts:

  1. ​Everyone’s favorite: a festive giveaway
  2. An in-store purchase makes for the perfect ‘in’
  3. Let your social channels take some of the load
  4. Exclusive access in return for email addresses
  5. Offer limited-time discount codes
  6. Onboard a specialist loyalty provider

Read the full cheatsheet on the Dotmailer Marketing Website.