We successfully engage businesses within the local South Sydney community.

City of Sydney Updates

Green Square Library and Plaza

The City is building an innovative underground library that’s also a public plaza. This will be a place where you can connect, learn, relax and play. Entering the library through a green walled open-air amphitheatre, you’ll discover an underground living room filled with sunlight and fresh air. At its centre a dynamic sunken garden offers a colourful place for children to play. Read more

Short-term letting in Sydney

Short-term letting (such as Airbnb) can be a positive experience for tourists and residents, while supporting the local economy. But if it occurs too often, and in the absence of a resident, it can become a de-facto commercial business that may impact neighbours. It's a complex issue. Community concerns have been raised with the City about the impacts of short term letting in strata buildings where residents have shared facilities and neighbours are close. We engaged Woolcott Research in March 2017 to survey strata owners, occupiers and investors across the neighbourhoods in our area to help us better understand the issue. 1001 strata residents and investors were interviewed: 56% were tenants, 38% were owner occupiers and 8% investors. Read more

WestConnex stage 3 environmental impact statement

The NSW Government has released the WestConnex stage 3 environmental impact statement. It covers the proposed link between the M4 and M5 and is open for public comment until Monday 16 October. Check out the City’s new Fix WestConnex site. Read more

Joining South Sydney Business Chamber is the voice of business in our two major village precincts of Green Square and Redfern Waterloo.  We provide a forum to facilitate business connections, exchange of ideas and development of views and positions on the issues affecting our members. We are a membership organisation, strengthened by the involvement of our members.